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Birthday celebration DJS in Tiffin Ohio vs Local bands, which should you choose?

Birthday celebration DJS in Tiffin Ohio vs Local bands, which should you choose?

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Birthday celebration DJS in Tiffin Ohio vs Local bands, which should you choose?

Birthday celebration DJS in tiffin Ohio and live local bands are the two most popular choices when looking at entertainment options for people celebrating their special occasions such as birthday parties. Both options have their disadvantages and advantages, which makes them suitable for their types of users.  Some people feel difficulties while choosing between these two options. Following are some features, which would help an average user make a  selection between both choices.


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Birthday celebration DJ in tiffin Ohio are just like built-in emcees as they can easily amuse a room and take over as a Master of Ceremonies. In addition, some DJs also offer their lighting, floor equipment and ambience equipment to advance amp up the intensity of excitement and entertainment for you and your guests at the birthday party.

Furthermore, DJs have computer systems that possess an extensive list of music from jazz to samba or rock and roll to pop. They don’t have to know the songs to play them as advanced technology make it easier for them through typing and searching.

Birthday celebration DJS in tiffin Ohio generally cost quite a bit lower than a live band or orchestra as there is only one person compared to a few people to execute the job. DJs can easily “read the room” and regulate the music accordingly from slow to fast or somewhere in between. DJs can easily make adjustments according to the environment and the venue location. They can also operate in smaller spaces without a lot of equipment. Furthermore, there is no lull in the music during transitions or different events at a birthday party.


Birthday celebration DJS in tiffin Ohio have some disadvantages as they don’t know how to play live music and don’t carry live musical instruments. DJs are a mostly one-man show, and that doesn’t mesh well with your party’s vibe or have a flawed personality which can wreck a good mood.

Live local Bands

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Some people think that it is amusing and entertaining to watch live bands. In addition, a good band’s playlist would always include popularly requested songs. A live band or orchestra can create drama and flair for the event. They can be more exciting to see, and they are memorable for your guests and you. Live bands and orchestras can bring a more official feeling to the event if you want a tie and suit kind of vibe.


Some live bands and orchestras are not ready to take song requests and may not know all of the songs you would like them to play.

The band or orchestra sometimes have a tiny repertoire that limits the amount of music they could play.

Live performers are mostly more expensive, which could mean you cannot afford them. An average live band can cost around $3,000. Bands and their orchestras need more room for more people and their equipment/musical instruments as they play on.

When a band takes a break, there is no music playing unless someone has a backup stereo option to play while they are gone.

Live music is not always allowed by birthday parties venues, potentially creating a huge problem. Moreover, booking times can be many months in advance for a live band.

Bottom Line

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The discussion mentioned above shows that Birthday celebration DJS in tiffin Ohio offer more benefits compared to live music. However, it is crucial to select a reliable DJ music provider such as DJ Jake Boudinot. Feel free to give them a call if you need a reputable music DJ for your big day celebrations. He has more than 30 years of industry experience which would be beneficial for people looking to arrange a memorable birthday event.


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